Global Impact


Daanish Masood

 Perhaps if we all had guidebooks and tools as these, the world we live in and the work ahead of us would look far more wondrous. This is why Wage Beauty is a must read. 

I've worked at various United Nations offices as well in different sectors globally for nearly two decades. During that time I've witnessed nation states de-escalate conflicts and accelerate them. I've seen sectors launch campaigns and businesses in regions in a variety of ways: some that added immense value, some that only took value.

The through line in all this, sectors to systems, is the human heart and the way we name the challenges we are facing. For in this era of tech optimism and social crisis, I've found we are broadcasting much, interfacing little. For me that is why the ideas within In Times of Terror, Wage Beauty are so important - they are engaging more than a politic, but ways of knowing and being. This is a powerful resource to nurture authentic connection that leads to actual interface. A resource that begins with a doorway into memory, dreams, and epigenetics, and scales up to systems. For if I cannot connect and interface with my own fears, desires, and visions, then how can I expect to connect or interface with another person, let alone culture?