WHY Does THIS Book Matter NOW?

Beautifully designed. Exquisitely written. IN TIMES OF TERROR, Wage BEAUTY is a guide for healing and hope in the 21st century. It is the first release of futurist Mark Gonzales, who synthesized 20 years of global work (as well as decades of attempts to heal his father's wounds) into this gorgeously stunning journey into story, systems, and the human heart.

Each chapter opens with an illustrated signpost that points us to a core value, followed by a story to guide us through memory, wounds, and dreams. 

This is key in this moment where information overload has resulted in numbness. For while there is no shortage in theories of change (personal or systemic) that we could reshape our existing reality with, we have yet to figure out how to move the human heart to be open to implementing these theories.

In a digital era, IN TIMES OF TERROR, WAGE BEAUTY reminds us of original connection technologies, the ones that connect us with the human heart, heritage, our ability to innovate, and transform.