Healing is possible. Hope is necessary.

If you are reading this, there is something about healing and hope that has drawn you here.  We are living in an era where humanity shares more information than ever before, yet our emotional processor (the human heart) has not received a biological upgrade in tens of thousands of years. The effect of that is apparent when we look at how anxiety, fear, and depression seem to have gone viral inside our hearts. 

Yet what if we could not only disrupt but reverse despair? Could hope, boldness, radical compassion, and beauty go viral? What if that journey began with something as simple as a mirror and the stories we tell ourselves?

IN TIMES OF TERROR, WAGE BEAUTY is a step towards that disruption. A 91 page guide that blends story and power, epigenetics and forgiveness, heritage and futurism into an invitation to heal, dream, and grow. Consider it as part of the building blocks for a better world, as well as a remedy to our existing one.

Look up, then look around you, then look in.
Now is not the time to be timid.