Mark Gonzales: Futures, Story, Strategy.

Mark Gonzales is a futurist reshaping our ideas of what is socially possible.  His impact portfolio is a collection of design thinking, connection technologies, and value adds that span 20 years and 15 countries with clients that include: The United Nations Alliance of Civilizations, the TIDES foundation, and the World Islamic Economic Forum.

His love for knowledge led to a Master's in Education from the University of California Los Angeles, and visiting professorships across the globe.  His love for story led to multiple books, and leading copy for the iconic #WeThePeople series that become the most funded art and impact campaign in Kickstarter history.

With a unique research focus on "how human beings, for better or worse, learn to be human" he is recalibrating how we believe change occurs.

Gonzales currently spends his time between California and northern Africa, transforming systems and writing stories that spark his 3 year old daughter’s imagination.