"When I think about why I enjoy this book it really boils down to one word- Digestible. I've heard many people in the healing community speak of things such as genetic ancestral trauma, creating waves in a changing environment, and creating one's story as one goes along. But oftentimes, I find myself stuck in the midst of a huge wave that seems so hard for me to take on. What Mark does is take that wave of a message and deliver it in a way that if I find my small way to deliver my slice of the story, I am doing more than enough to aid in universal healing. The book is a poetic stance on how one person shining as bright as they can has the ability to show the sun to others. It's an eye opening take on how we can all collectively help ourselves evolve as one being, while also celebrating and taking joy in our many differences." - Setshi Ford



"Wage Beauty was an invaluable tool in my healing process, after losing my sense of personal power, self and voice in an abusive relationship. It opened the door to what is possible and shifted my consciousness into thinking of the future. It gave me the courage to tell my own story of trauma, but also reminded me how my story is connected to millions of other across the entirety of human experience. Wage Beauty reminded me that our pain matters in a society that is constantly telling us the opposite. If we are to progress as a human species, the ideas Mark writes about must become paramount. 


 While reading, I felt that I was awakened from a deep slumber. The words Mark wrote into existence and the force behind them have the ability to awaken and transform- that is incredibly powerful. Most of all, Wage Beauty served as a guide to implement the values I find most important in my life- vulnerability, compassion, love, connection, and the ability to create a story that heals and transcends what has come before it."

- Karen Tomczak